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This page lists the webcomics from Kurokan.

Kurokan Webmanga Edit

SHINTAI: Relics of Mythology Edit

SHINTAI: Relics of Mythology (jap. 神体: Relics of Mythology, also known abbreviated as "SHINTAI: Rom") is a gag manga dealing with the gods and creatures of world's mythology and their myths and legends adapted into manga (often Yonkoma) form. Sometimes the stories are meant serious.

The idea of SHINTAI was born in December 2007 and got implemented in September 2009. Presumably Marufuji plans to draw a manuscript that consists two volumes of an average manga (total 370 pages).

Kakohon! Kurogami Edit

Kakohon! Kurogami (jap. カコ本!黒かみ; Short for カッコイイ本!黒鋼魔術折り紙 Kakkoii Hon! Kuroganemajutsu Origami) is a shonen manga about the middleschool student Yuma Kikumoto (jap. 菊本ゆま), whose parents died when he was 8.
On his 14th birthday he receives a package from his grandma. It contains a present from his parents, the Life Book which Yuma calls "Kakohon". With folding pages from the Kakohon, he can bring paper figures to life!

Kakohon! Kurogami has no definite end. The manga consists out of short stories and partial Yonkoma Strips.
It is a tribute from Marufuji to Kurokan Network and his second hobby, Origami.